A Bad Marriage Is Fattening
Can a bad marriage really be fattening? Yes it can! In my own bad marriage I went from 125 pounds to 275 pounds 20 years later. This is the story of how my unhappy marriage made me fat — and how I divorced my husband and moved on to a happier new life.

Dreams May Fade Only To Become A Reality Later

Last Monday was my weigh-in day.  I weighed 229 pounds.  I lost 1 pound.  One pound may not seem like a lot to you, but it takes 3, 500 extra calories to gain 1 pound, and it takes 3,500 fewer calories to lose 1 pound.  When put in that perspective I feel very good about my 1 pound weight loss.

I have decided to make a commitment to myself on how much weight I want to lose by December 31st 2010.  I want to lose 30 more pounds.

Losing 30 pounds is not my ultimate goal, but it’s a goal that would put me at 199 pounds.  I haven’t been below 200 pounds for a very long time, regardless of what my driver’s license says!  If I lose more that’s fine too, but at least I know I have set for myself a tangible goal.  The quickest way I know to fail is to set unrealistic goals for oneself.

Today I want to tell you what my blog is about, and what my blog is not about.

It’s not a blog that’s strictly dedicated to weight loss as you might have guessed by now.  I do weigh-in on Mondays and report to you what I weigh, but it’s not only about my weight loss.

It’s a blog about my bad marriage also.

My marriage disintegrated into a nightmare.  And I lost sight of who I was.

It’s a blog about hope.

I hope that by my telling my story honestly, with all its humor and tears, that it will help other women who find themselves struggling in their own unhappy marriage or unhappy relationship and it will give them the strength and courage they need to take back their own lives and pursue their own dreams.

And ultimately it’s a blog about women empowering themselves.

By reading about my bad marriage and all the foolish mistakes I made, I hope that my story will empower women to learn from my mistakes and not have to repeat what I did.

No one lives in a vacuum.  We all learn from each other.  So I’m hoping when you come to the end of my story that I will have inspired you to take back your own life.  The only real empowerment for a woman is to be the person she was born to be and not forsake herself.

A long time ago I heard a saying: Dreams may fade only to become a reality later.

It happened for me, dear reader, and it can happen for you.

One Response to “Dreams May Fade Only To Become A Reality Later”

  1. Congrats on your weight loss!!! Way to go. I know you can achieve your goal!!!

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